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Like Daylight at Midnight

it's my favorite dream where nothing's really as it seems

菖蒲 · 鬼百合
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about me
I get annoyed easily, and resort to punching pillows and screaming when I'm really annoyed. I can be quiet for hours on end, but then it all comes tumbling out to some poor unfortunate person who has to sit and listen to me. I like to listen to music to influence my writing and if I like something, I will never shut up about it. I don't like working in groups, especially if I don't know the other people or if it's at school. I'm not terribly athletic, but nor am I unfit; I play netball and do some other recreational things such as bike-riding and walking the dog. If I get angry with someone, I'll mostly go off in a huff and sulk for a while, but then I forget what it was really about, and get on with life. I can be tidy when needed, but mostly, I like to have a floor-drobe and just leave things where they lie. My writing is incomprehensible and illegible, frequently stopping halfway through and idea and starting a new one in one sentence. My speech reflects this habit :)

Coming soon.

Coming soon.

{(Haldir ♥ LotR)}

{(Iris Wildthyme ♥ DW)}

{(Council of Time Lords ♥ DW)}

"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." (Walter Wellesley 'Red' Smith)

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i'm in hufflepuff!

I'm Stamped as Saria

Japas x Mikau Is Rock Star Love.

Mutinous lieutenants are love.

eight/rose is unbound!love

Byakuya is misunderstood love.

Renji/Byakuya is difficult love.

Aizen is a smexy librarian love.

Renji is wild and untamed love.

Ichigo/Rukia is always read to fight love.

Ishida/Ichigo is love hate love hate love not.

Shinigami students are hot transfer students love.